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Client Testimonials

"I've had the pleasure to work with Heather on 2 substantial recruiting projects over the past 4 years. After the completion of the SinglePoint project, I was so impressed by her recruiting and business acumen, her excellent organizational skills and her professional yet warm manner that I pursued her to work with me at Dendreon. She did an outstanding job with her internal clients, she treated her candidates with great respect, and provided sage advice when called upon. She has excellent project management skills and can take a disorganized situation and refine it to create streamlined processes. She is committed to doing her best and brings an unbending work ethic to whatever project she is on. She is highly thought of by her colleagues and hiring teams."

Christine Whitney
Whitney & Associates

"In my capacity as PMO director, I had the good fortune of Heather’s contribution in 2 ways: first, my own recruitment to the company, and second, using her company to recruit PMs for our technology portfolio. Her cheerful combo of professionalism and frankness helped me make an important career choice, and I observed those same qualities when she recruited for me. In the two and a half years Heather has recruited PMs and a variety of technology resources for Dendreon, Heather was instrumental in important personnel choices as we grew rapidly from 200 to almost 2000 people. She is highly respected by my peers and co-workers for her authenticity, focus and insights into our respective business lines, and although not an employee, I always felt she was truly a recruiter on our side. Heather demonstrated an exceptional understanding of our recruiting needs, her screening techniques were a good match for our culture, and her recommendations spot-on. I strongly recommend her work."

Dieter Ferreira
Director, PMO, Dendreon Corporation

"Heather McNeel was an essential partner in building the project management department at Dendreon. Her instincts, insights, and ability to match top talent to the varied positions required to build our centralized project management team was critical to our success. During the interview, offer, and on-boarding process, she always treats the person interviewing with care and respect and is diligent in ensuring success is achieved for both the new employee and the company. She is by far the best recruiter I’ve had the pleasure to work with."

Shanna Clouse
Senior Director, PMO, Dendreon Corporation

"Heather is one of the most outstanding business partners for IT recruiting that I have had the pleasure to work with. Within my department I manage a very diversified group of technology professionals and no matter what the need, Heather was always able to find highly qualified candidates. In addition Heather is extremely professional in how she manages the complete recruiting and on-boarding process for new employees, including a strong follow up and relationship building she does with her recruits. Heather was a critical team member of my department and I highly recommend her. I look forward to being able to work with her again soon."

Randy Timmerman
Director, IT Applications Development, Dendreon Corporation

"Heather has been an outstanding recruiter for Dendreon's IT organization--particularly in the area of hard-to-find candidates with advanced skills. It is always a pleasure to work with Heather and I look forward to doing so again in the future."

Gordon Teddy
Senior Director, IT Infrastructure, Dendreon Corporation

"Three times while interviewing different candidates for positions at Dendreon, I was told by the candidates that they really felt like the recruiter (Heather) made the extra effort to make sure they were a great match for the position. Behind the scenes, Heather always asks the right questions to be well informed when presenting the position to candidates. Heather was a great representative for Dendreon and will be sorely missed. I wouldn't hesitate seeking out Heather in the future for my recruiting needs."

Ewan Hruska
Supervisor, IT Service Desk, Dendreon Corporation

“Heather has done a terrific job for us in finding great candidates and helping us turn them into great employees. We will continue to utilize her skills in our technical searches.” 

Rich Begert
former CEO, SinglePoint

“Heather McNeel has been instrumental in developing our hiring department and recruiting processes from the ground up -- with little or no direction, tight budgets, and urgent deadlines. She is creative, resourceful, and understanding of the fundamentals in creating cost-effective and successful teams, which are imperative to the organization’s bottom line.”

Ken Arneson
Former CEO, Canoe Networks

“Heather has a very unique and creative way about her –- she interacts with candidates, employees, and executives with sincerity and dedication. Her sense of judgment is outstanding and she looks well beyond a job description when hiring the best talent. To her the cultural fit is just as important as the technical qualifications and that is what has created successful and happy teams, resulting in impeccably low attrition rates."

Larry Corvari
Former SVP — Engineering, Strata8 Networks

"Heather not only really understands how to interface with hiring managers and how to creatively source for technical positions, she is the best at evaluating candidates' motivation and cultural fit. Hiring managers unanimously feel she is saving them time and money, and bringing them the best candidates."

Gregg Blodgett
CFO, Twisted Pair

“It was my good fortune to work with Heather McNeel in a close professional setting for several years, and without hesitation, I would say she has earned my trust and respect as a truly outstanding Technical Consultant. Her unique, infectious personality and high level of professionalism truly set her apart. She is the kind of rare individual that seems to effortlessly make friends and connections wherever she goes. She demonstrates an amazing amount of integrity and personal ethics in everything she does, values each individual that she places, and works incredibly hard to understand the needs of the employer and find the perfect match for everyone.”

Christy Underwood
HR Generalist, TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.

“It is my utmost pleasure to recommend Heather McNeel to anyone looking for a superior recruiter. Heather was brought on board during a time when jobs were ample and talent was scarce. She supplied several qualified and diverse candidates to choose from, and learned the needs and personality traits of the hiring managers too, and matched those qualities to the candidates that she brought in to interview. Heather also provided an analysis and presentation with helpful advice for our recruiting efforts. Heather is an excellent recruiter and would be an asset to any company that opted to use her talents.”

Sheri Fonnesbeck
former Vice President Human Resources, Western Wireless Corporation/Alltel

“I have had the opportunity to work with Heather as someone she was recruiting, and then later, as someone she did recruiting for. In both instances, she was excellent. One of the things I liked most about working with Heather in both capacities was that she always made the time to discuss any issues, even though she might have 10 other things to do. But during the conversation, she never rushed or hurried and took the time to answer each question. She is an excellent communicator, and always kept me up to date with developments. She also has a great sense for people and did a great job of letting me know why someone was a good candidate. She was a pleasure to work with and I hope I have the opportunity to work with her again in the future.” 

Jerry Stalick
former Director of Operations, SinglePoint