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Creating a comprehensive benefit package for your employees will encourage them to lead healthy and productive lives.

Unique benefits such as on-site daycare, pet insurance, corporate sponsored events, and company matching on charitable donations all make a significant difference.

CORE can asses what is most important to your employees, choose benefits that work well with the company's culture, and determine how benefits programs will affect the bottom line. Sometimes it's the smallest perks that don't take much time or cost a lot of cash that matter the most. Today's companies are getting creative by offering programs such as on-site flu shots, CPR training, prenatal care, and smoking cessation. We can help you think outside the box.

Retirement and Benefits Programs

Retirement planning and benefit administration is one of our specialties. We are experienced in implementing health plans, life and disability insurance, 401ks and tax saving accounts. Our network of affiliates will look at your unique situation and customize a comprehensive plan.

Preferred Partner Network

Boulevard Benefits Group offers customized solutions and sound advice to help achieve long and short term goals, allowing for a secure financial future. Our preferred partners will provide educational information and guidance on home buying, mortgages, financial planning, insurance and much more — saving you a substantial amount of time and money.

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