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Effective hiring practices and a solid recruiting strategy can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Are your recruiters burdened with administrative duties? Are they being measured against hiring metrics? Are they using vendors when necessary?

All of this and more can impact your HR performance and directly affect your bottom line. But how do you begin fixing it? CORE can help identify areas for improvement and implement creative solutions, whether they be targeted at improving efficiency, implementing time management skills, setting goals based on core metrics, developing service level agreements, or simply opening lines of communication and improving internal relationships.

We think that beginning with a solid team of recruiting specialists and resourcing strategists is important. Every company should have a recruiting team that not only builds a solid foundation for the company, but also fosters success. Our application of high quality standards, along with expertise in this area, can help align dysfunctional or displaced teams and encourage success based on human capital needs.

1. Areas for cost reduction = Increased ROI

  • Help teams become more efficient, maximize team member expertise
  • Improve productivity through creative resource allocation
  • Reduce administrative burdens
  • Conduct ongoing process improvements

2. Successful recruiting teams = Successful hires

  • Build well-trained and well-versed teams
  • Refine methodologies and create consistent hiring standards
  • Develop a clear company direction, brand and messaging

3. Clear Measurables = Better business intelligence

  • Align and measure hiring deliverables with company goals
  • Create hiring metrics and reporting tools
  • Develop executive dashboards that provide visibility into key HR goals

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