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Filling your hiring needs is important, but finding the right people is crucial... starting with a solid recruiting team.

Today's managers realize it's not just about getting positions filled. It's about finding key people with specific skill sets, who will contribute to your company in ways your competitors can't match. This all begins with a solid recruiting department.

Your recruiting team needs to understand your goals and objectives, and know how to bring in candidates with the skills, personalities, and work styles to drive your strategic direction.

CORE can help. We take a "full-circle" approach that looks at all aspects of your hiring strategy and finds the best ways to tie your organizational structure to your long-term goals. We'll work with your hiring managers, executives, and recruiters to not only find great candidates, but develop great positions and structure departments for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

We think "out of the box" for creative ways to solve problems specific to your situation. It's a personal process but every company is different — that's why we think a fresh mindset is so important.

Here are some areas we can help:

  • Developing or improving hiring processes
  • Developing a recruiting strategy/philosophy
  • Identifying a brand
  • Hiring the recruiting team
  • Talent and strategy development
  • Candidate sourcing/relationship management
  • Developing orientation programs

Improve HR Processes

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Improve HR Processes
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